Peterborough Guitar Lessons

Peterborough Guitar Lessons

I know just what it feels like to be a beginner guitarist. It can be a little daunting, especially coming for your first guitar lesson but you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Great teachers have a way of making you completely relaxed as soon as you walk in - you will be playing your first riff before you know it and will have totally forgotten about your nerves!

My lessons will cover everything from the basics upwards to help you develop as a well rounded guitarist. As you become more advanced we can also look at things like working in a band or different types of gear, such as amps, guitar and effects. To find out more about my lessons don't hesitate to drop me an email at via the contact page.

Below is a video of my last band LA Cobra, check it out!

Photography: Christian Bertrand

Electric & Acoustic Guitar

I teach acoustic and electric guitar for rock and pop styles! So whether you dream of getting on stage or want the pleasure of playing guitar for yourself I have the music for our lessons that you will really enjoy learning! With all my lessons specially tailored to your individual needs as a guitarist you will learn even faster. I I teach both electric and acoustic guitar - so no matter what your style I have the lessons for you.

If you are interested in arranging a guitar lesson or would like to find out more about learning guitar simply give me an email or phone call.

Learn to play guitar
John is a brilliant local guitar teacher here in Peterborough! He taught me to play guitar with attention to detail and confidence.