Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Here at Guitar Lessons Peterborough we are never more proud than when we hear that one of our guitar students has entered the recorcding studio for the first time! We are also really passionate about helping local bands record their debut EP or first few song demos, so with that in mind we have drawn together what we consider to be the best recording and rehearsal facilities Peterborough has to offer! So, in no order...

AMS Music

AMS Music was born over 20 years ago as music management company, due to their success they opened their second recording studio in Peterborough in 2002! After two years of building the state of the art music facility was opened recording a huge range of jazz, rock, hip hop and punk in the next two years! Expanding further into providing schooling for musicans to learn about the recording process, AMS Music provides an invaluable service to local musicians with dreams of making music their career!

Nepenthe Recording Studios

Nepenthe Recording Studios located at Units 4 & 5, Elliotts Park Street, PE8 6ER is a fantastic rehearsal space rentable for just £11 per hour! With a PA system, drum kit and backline included as standard and more equipment avalible to rent Nepenthe is an ideal reheasal factility for young bands located outside of Peterborough near Wittering, Stamford & Corby! Nepenthe Studios also provide a recording service which is specially tailored to your bands individual needs - contact them for a quote!

LCD Studios

LCD Studios is another great recording studio based in Peterborough, rentable for just £40 per 3 hour session (give or take!). Ran by Hugh Davies, an experienced sound engineer and producer LCD Studios is ideal for local bands to record demo tracks or EP as the costs of the project are low compared to the quality of the sound that you leave with! Located in Eye, PE6 7WL, it is a studio well worth checking out!


LaffingBoyMusic is a small independant recording and rehearsal facitlity that is perfect for recording live demos or building up to an important gig. With an awesome rehearsal room where Ade Pierce, the studio's owner, provides most of the equipment including a PA system, backline and drumkit it is certainly worth checking out! Rentable at a great price too LaffingBoyMusic is perfect for local bands who need to put in the hours practising without massive costs! Check it out!

Electric & Acoustic Guitar

I teach acoustic and electric guitar for rock and pop styles! So whether you dream of getting on stage or want the pleasure of playing guitar for yourself I have the music for our lessons that you will really enjoy learning! With all my lessons specially tailored to your individual needs as a guitarist you will learn even faster. I I teach both electric and acoustic guitar - so no matter what your style I have the lessons for you.

If you are interested in arranging a guitar lesson or would like to find out more about learning guitar simply give me an email or phone call.

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John is a brilliant local guitar teacher here in Peterborough! He taught me to play guitar with attention to detail and confidence.